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HULA BEADS All the First Beads Pleasure Who Turn & Shimmy

JUST ARRIVED>>>Discover the Hula Beads: The Balls As You Will Have Ever seen!

Here the Hula Beads , a new concept dedicated LELO as always elevating your pleasure to ecstatic heights! Combining wonderful vibrations with delicious rotations to carry everywhere and all the time, the more pleasure you let go!

New HULA Beads

With a unique shape for a unique fun, Hula Beads are a completely revolutionary approach to traditional Balls . Brought in privacy during solitary escapes or for lavish preliminary association vibrations and rotations will lead you to the ecstasies by paths hitherto unknown!

While wearing the Hula Beads, take your pleasure to the remote control with the SenseMotion ™ technology by sliding the expert hands of your devoted to lead you to the seventh heaven half, or by taking yourself in hand for rejoicing in solitary ...

Order the Hula Beads now for you or your loved one and enjoy the LELO offers of the moment: delivery available on all orders ! In the privacy of your bed or a romantic outing full of promises, Hula Beads will be your little secret to great pleasures ...




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