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What you should know about the Butterfly Kiss Vibrators

Butterfly Kiss Vibrator - A Bestseller

Why We Love the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

Vibrators.com loves the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator because it's an amazing value. This little vibrator manages to hit all the right spots without making a dent in your pocketbook. We love this vibrator because it stimulates your clitoris and g-spot simultaneously.

About the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

The Butterfly Kiss is a soft jelly vibrator with an innovative shape that provides you with pleasurable vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

The insertable portion of the vibrator is 3 inches long and about 1.25 inches across at its widest point. The Butterfly Kiss is a smaller vibrator. It's flexible enough to hit your G-spot effortlessly.

How does the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator Feel?

The Butterfly Kiss features three powerful vibration speeds (from a gentle whir to a stronger hum) and a clitoral stimulator with fluttering wings and antennae. Experience the fluttering butterfly with three functions of vibration. The butterfly vibrates over your clitoris to provide a tantalizing effect.

The Butterfly Kiss is very high-quality for how inexpensive it is. We recommend it for first-time buyers.

Use and Special Instructions

The Butterfly Kiss takes 2 AAA batteries. Use it with any personal lubricant for enhanced pleasure. Clean the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator with a damp cloth and antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner.

The Butterfly Kiss Vibrator is a jelly vibrator. In the past, jelly vibrators have gotten a bad rap for being smelly and poorly made. While the Butterfly Kiss, a battery-operated vibrator, won't be in your collection as long as a rechargeable vibrator would, it is still a great choice for the price. This vibrator is made from an unscented TPR and features excellent, shivery vibrations, making it a big step up from jelly vibrators of the past.


Butterfly Kiss Vibrator Facts

Type: Vibrator
Length: 7.5 inches
Insertable Length: 3 inches
Diameter: 1.25 inches
Material: Body-safe TPR
Smooth shaft with a bulbous head; nubbed clitoral stimulator
Pleasurable incremental speeds
Best for: Simultaneous clitoral and g-spot stimulation

Who will love the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator: 
  • Women who like dual stimulation 
  • Women who like g-spot massage 
  • Women who appreciate value
This vibrator takes 2 AAA batteries, not included.


Understanding Sound and Vibration

Here at Vibrators.com, we test each and every vibrator for vibration and sound levels. Our Vibrator Institute doesn't test vibrators the way you might think; instead, we use scientific equipment that reads vibration and decibel levels. Based on these levels, each vibrator we sell gets a rating. The Power Level ratings are Gentle, Pleasurable, Intense and Unrelenting. The Sound Level ratings are Whisper, Purr, Hum, Buzz and Thundering. The Butterfly Kiss Vibrator has a rating of Pleasurable Hum. This means it vibrates at medium speeds, and has an average sound level—not incredibly loud, but not whisper quiet, either.

If the experts at Vibrators.com don't like the look, feel, sound or vibration level of a vibrator, we don't sell it. That's why Vibrators.com only sells about 300 vibrators. There are more than 20,000 vibrators on the market, and it's hard for customers to tell the difference between them. We narrow our vibrator selection down considerably to make shopping easy for you.

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