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Daisy Kutter is a 100% natural product that may not only help with male erectile dysfunction, it may also help with loss of libido, sex drive, and stamina. This product is not only for those with performance challenges; it is geared to those who want to perform better. Daisy Kutter will help you to be a superior version of yourself. D-K can also be taken when alcohol is in the system with similar effectiveness.

Our pills are natural and safe to use unlike the dangerous generics available on the market today. Our manufacturing is GMP certified. All raw ingredients go through a thorough inspection/testing process prior to being cleared for manufacturing. Although most of our ingredients are not foreign to the market, the effectiveness is created by our filtering and refining process. Although this process is slower, the end result is a product that is unsurpassed by its competitors. We believe in quality over quantity-Customer satisfaction over false claims. 



Well, fortunately for you, we at Daisy Kutter can see the truth in you. 

We have discovered, after years of research, that most men experience either suffer from premature ejaculation or episodes of erectile dysfunction before they turn 35. These conditions are often temporary and can be corrected.

Most men will say they have never had this problem, however this is most likely false or a form of denial. The reality is your partner can interpret the fullness of your penis or lack thereof as a sign of disinterest often ending in a failed relationship, disagreements, infidelity, and so on.  All as a result of something you can’t control.

These conditions are caused mostly by the food you eat; lack of exercise and in extreme cases a medical condition (i.e. diabetes/high blood pressure). 

If you have experienced any of the above mention FEAR NOT, we have perfected a solution that has been around for centuries. No Doctor visits, headaches, risk of heart attack or dependency… 



Daisy Kutter is a safe to use, all-natural male enhancer.  The ingredients in our product are:


  • Epemedium is a proven aphrodisiac that increases libido in both men and women in order to last longer in bed. The key compound found in Epemedium is ICARIIN, which is a PDE-5 (phophodiesterase-5) inhibitor. Our manufacturers biochemists have found a way to extract more concentrated levels of ICARIIN, thus increasing the purity resulting in a more effective PDE-5 inhibitor.
  • Deer Root (AKA Iva Axillaris Pursh) correctly processed has been used by the Asian men throughout history as a cure for sexual impotence and as a male enhancer. The juices extracted act as an aphrodisiac increasing sex drive.
  • Rehmannia (AKA Chinese Foxglove) is used medicinally in oriental medicines. Rehmannia root aids in promoting healthy body functioning including a healthy sex drive. It contains vitamins, A, B, C, D, amino acids as well as many other useful compounds which assist in replenishing sexual arousal and overall well being and increased libido




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