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The LUNA Smart Bead™

Meet Your Personal Pleasure Trainer

The LUNA Smart Bead™

 Fulfill Your Orgasm Potential

At LELO, we recognize the majority of women are not getting the most from their orgasms. Many are settling for second best when, with a little guidance, they could be experiencing absolutely life-changing pleasure.

As your very own personal pleasure trainer, LUNA Smart Bead™ can offer you a path to longer, stronger orgasms thanks to our innovative SenseTouch™ technology. The LUNA Smart Bead™ measures every squeeze, then designs a workout routine to help you reach your true orgasmic potential.

The routine itself is a treat, rewarding you with waves of pleasurable vibrations as you enhance your climactic power, and in no time at all you’ll be enjoying more intense sexual strength and easier, better orgasms.

Up Close & Personal


Here’s how LUNA Smart Bead™ helps you fulfill and develop your orgasm potential.

Stronger Orgasms

Follow the simple (and pleasurable) workout to develop the intensity of your orgasms

Make Every LELO Better

In no time at all you’ll be able to enjoy your existing pleasure products like never before

Personalized Training

Touch-sensors measure your power first squeeze for a perfectly tailored workout

Squeeze & Relax Technique

Follow the vibration-guided routine by squeezing when you feel the pulse and relaxing when it stops

5 Progressive Vibration Levels

Automatically adjusts your routine as your orgasm-potential grows over time

A Simple and Sexy Workout

Each routine lasts just 5 minutes & regular use will return fast results

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