Clandestine Devices Mimic Massager, Black,Seafoam,Lilac

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Clandestine Devices Mimic Massager, Black,Seafoam,Lilac

  • A Sensory Experience Designed To Be Touched Fully Rechargeable And Waterproof, The Mimic Was Crafted With Comfort And Pleasure In Mind
  • Its Unique, Ergonomic Shape Fits Perfectly In Your Hand
  • The Simple Interface Allows Intense Vibrations To Travel To Their Pinpoint Location Or A More Broad Sensitive Zone




Fully rechargeable and waterproof, the MIMIC was crafted with comfort and pleasure in mind. Its unique, ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hand. The simple interface allows intense vibrations to travel to their pinpoint location or a more broad sensitive zone. Equipped with a travel lock, for those on-the-go, and an LED base that assists in the dark and serves as a charging indicator, the MIMIC is bound to be a new favorite. However you prefer, the MIMIC is your best-kept secret. Feel free to keep it to yourself or share with someone close to you.


The fully rechargeable MIMIC is equipped with a Travel-Lock, so the MIMIC can be added to your suitcase for any vacation with the confidence that no one will know it's with you - unless you want them to. 

The MIMIC is also equipped with an LED light in its base that will indicate when it's time to charge, allowing you to keep over 90 Minutes of Continuous Play ready at the touch of a button.


Luxurious Features

The MIMIC is made for adventures, including exploring new depths, which is why we made the MIMIC 100% Waterproof. This makes cleaning a breeze and you're free to enjoy the MIMIC during bathtime. Non-porous silicone keeps the MIMIC free from bacteria and means it will last longer than a lot of other products...

The MIMIC also boasts 6 varying speeds and 8 different vibration patterns to keep things interesting, whether alone or with a partner.

...Only the beginning


Clandestine Devices' debut product, The MIMIC, has been featured as Cosmopolitan's Sex Toy of the Month and has received numerous awards including 

  • Innovative Design of the Year 2018
  • Luxury Product of the Year 2018
  • New Product of the Year 2017

Also seen on the online pages of Glamour, Marie Claire, Touch of Modern, Gizmodo, Men's Health, Bustle, and many more, we aimed to make a splash and are grateful to everyone who has supported us in our goal to create products that serve a purpose through their design and can be enjoyed by anyone

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