Lelo launches INA WAVE ™ for even more fun

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Lelo launches INA WAVE ™ for even more fun

Ina-Wave-and-Mona-Wave-of-waves-of-pleasureLELO launched a few days ago two new products that will make Lady climb to the 7th heaven for sure: INA Wave ™ and Mona Wave ™ , inspired by human contact and I quote  that aim  to help women  understand their  orgasms  and to feel  confident to  talk about it. "   The Sex toys  INA Wave ™ and Mona Wave ™ using technology Wave Motion ™  that allows a wave motion that recreates one of the" come here "as are the fingers of a lover.


 Enticing as a program, no? 

What are the promises of these sex toys

To create more pleasure already but especially as Steve Thomson, marketing director of LELO:


MONA-WAVE"As recently proved Keira Knightley's nude photo shoot, Jennifer Lawrence's stolen intimate photos, Kim Kardashian's" Break the Internet "cover or Emma Watson's UN address, the body of the woman is a battlefield . He goes on to say that  "INA and MONA Waves are the most recent and the best weapons in this fight: being a master of his orgasms is the being of his body. It is a fundamental right as valid as all the others and it is worth while defending it. "

Yes, the woman's body is a battlefield, but a sacred battlefield. Although the media tend to desacralize the female body, the latter is not only a vulgar piece of meat, we exist and we need to express ourselves but especially to know it. And what better to know his body than using a sex toy (or if you are a little more prudish, do it yourself). Sexuality allows everyone to flourish, to know his reactions, his preferences, to satisfy his desires is no longer the domain of the imaginary. And that's when LELO intervenes to help you express yourself. In addition, if sir has some shortcomings (or is just not there), sex toys LELOwill fill them. And who knows sir will love to play with you Madam and will be envious of orgasm that will produce  INA Wave ™ and will want to imitate it at any price ...

What is the difference between the  INA Wave ™ and Mona Wave ™?


INA-WAVEThere is only a small difference between the two,  INA Wave ™ is a "rabbit" that is to say it will stimulate both the clitoris and the point G. The G point will be stimulated by the Wave Motion technology   which, as indicated above, reproduces the movements of a lover's fingers, the clitoris will be stimulated by an external rabbit that will use several modes of stimulation.

Mona Wave ™ also offers Wave Motion ™ technology  but will not include an external rabbit. This will not prevent to take as much pleasure.

And on paper what does it give?

It is true that we can be surprised by this new technology and wonder if  INA Wave ™ and Mona Wave ™ will keep their promise. Back to the  INA Wave ™.

We already receive the   INA Wave ™ in a beautiful box (sincerely nothing that the box itself already gives the desire to buy it and discover what is inside), we will appreciate the girly side that given the entire marketing team to this new packaging.

LELO INA Wave box


But it is not the packaging that interests us, what really interests us is what it contains ... Attention sensitive souls refrain from reading the end of the article. Do not be shocked, there is nothing more natural than talking about sex (and do not make me believe that you never talk about it I would not believe you!). Here is the beast:





It looks almost like a design object to put on a piece of furniture so it is beautiful! I imagine very darling darling to say to me "but what is this funny object near your office? »,« Oh Darling, it's a LELO, you've seen its curves, this girly design, this protuberance, touch me this material, look at its grip, its power that would make more than one pale, it's a rare object, it's MA-GNI-FAAIII-THAT is not it? (With the Cristina Cordula tone as long as you do). I imagine too darling darling look at me dubiously thinking very hard "she farted a poor cable" (he says it regularly so I'm used to it). Ok, I would look completely crazy if I said that but admit you have already sketched a smile! And if we can no longer ravish when we talk sex-toy where the world goes, right?

Good if not level features, I admit to being surprised by this technology  Wave Motion ™, the biggest part of INA Wave ™ moves well as the fingers of a dear darling (or a lover as you want). The surprising side comes mainly from the fact that we have never seen such technology and above all we did not think that possible. It may be regretted that it makes a little noise (well it's not a mower reassure you, but during the action weirdly we tend to forget this aspect).

In addition to this Wave Motion ™ technology  , from the double action vibrator to the soft inner ripples, there are several advantages: it is totally waterproof and it is rechargeable by wall socket (no need to run to look for batteries! The foot! to break down with this technology, I am sure that one day it happened to you at the fateful moment to take your toy and bam more batteries! Admit that it breaks the mood when it happens). Thus, you will have two hours of use (in addition, it memorized the last function you used, INA Wave ™ is the first intelligent sex toy) 



lelo ina wave


Another advantage: the 10 modes of vibration. While most sex toys offer just a vibration that intensifies, LELO offers different modes of vibration, you can activate the external vibrator or not, or the  Wave Motion ™ simply, the external vibrator as indicated above has several types vibrations, the classic from less intense to more intense, alternating (vibration, stop, vibration) and many other modes that I would let you discover. We do not tire of it!

The grip is quite easy to admit, it is not too heavy and fits perfectly to the internal morphology of Madam. We will be a little surprised by the size but the curiosity will take over and it will be a pleasure to try it. It is made of soft silicone and is safe for the body. It is also guaranteed a year.

We received the  INA Wave ™ in the color Cerise, but know that there are also two other colors: Plum and Ocean blue.

In short,  INA Wave ™ will keep its promises, so ladies, what are you waiting for?


And to understand a little how it works, a little marketing video:





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