The We-Vibe Nova 2 is a new, upgraded Nova

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The We-Vibe Nova 2 is a new, upgraded Nova


The We-Vibe Nova 2 is a new, upgraded Nova: I’ll review this ruuuuumbly rabbit vibe, including a demo of just how flexible the Nova 2 is—a big deal, because our bodies are not all the same!

Blended orgasms: Are they stronger? Almost all women1 will feel more pleasure by hitting two nerve-packed hotspots at once. A dual-stimulating/rabbit vibrator makes that easier (you only have to hold one toy base!) But rabbits can be tricky because the distance between the clitoris and vaginal opening can vary a lot in different people. Like human height does! So I’ll talk about Nova 2’s big advantage there: its extra flexibility; plus its deep vibration strength.


We-Vibe Nova 2 Outstanding Features

Nova 2 is (like all We-Vibe toys) exceptionally rumbly: it has deep vibes, that are less likely to irritate/numb even if you use the toy for an extended period. Really, what’s why We-Vibe is so loved by reviewers (and normal toy users), in a nutshell.

I’ll talk more about the vibe strength in my experience later, but first let me run through Nova 2’s other draws: its über-flexible clit stimulator, and its newly soft silicone.

The Flexibility

This curling clit arm? Yeah, it bends. A LOT. And it’s wide enough to maintain flat, constant contact. Even if you’re like me and you start wanting some thrust vaginally once you get aroused. The clitoral stimulator bends so it can stay in place on my clit, even while the shaft is moving a couple inches in and out, in and out! It’s unique because too many rabbits lock you in place, with a hard clit arm that does not bend to accommodate motion or deeper penetration.

We-Vibe Nova 2 adjustable clit stimulator
Average clit-to-vagina distance is 2 inches: Nova goes a lot more, or a lot less.

Nova 2’s shaft is also flexible, but you have to apply lots of force to adjust it. It’s meant to NOT bend as you’re thrusting against your G-spot. You fix the angle where you want it before inserting Nova 2, and the shaft stays where you’ve put it. I demo Nova 2’s flexibility and chat about its uses in this YouTube vid.

Soft Silicone, We-Vibe Nova vs. Nova 2

Another way Nova 2 excels, why I personally will choose it over other traditional rabbit vibes? The softness. It’s much softer than the original We-Vibe Nova, which had a thinner, firmer outside silicone coat.

If you want to know about how soft a silicone sex toy actually is, you come to Phallophile Reviews.2 Manufacturers (and some reviewers) often throw out the word “soft” when what they mean is “silky,” “smooth,” or “flexible.” No, no, and no. “Soft” for me means a squishy, squeezable feel—not simple smoothness. It’s a big difference! Because soft equals comfortable, especially if you’re sensitive. Not everyone will want softer, gentler pressure, but I (and many of my readers) do—as we’ll see next.

The We-Vibe Nova 2’s outer layer of smooth silicone is a 10A shore density. That is the firmer side of “soft” for this firmness expert: not a squishy fantasy dildo, but very forgiving. It’s a thick layer too, it feels padded.

Still, it’s a balance because Nova 2 has a firm mechanical core under that squeezable outer silicone. It’s two-layered, dual-density, like that. Nice! You’ve gotta hold a Nova 2 to really understand.

My Nova 2 Experience

For me, Nova 2 is superb because of how easy it is. Clitoral plus G-spot vibes, that I can move together by holding Nova’s comfortable handle. Two hot spots hit, and I only need to deal with one toy. And of course the new Nova has those spectacularly deep, resonating, vibrations.

I took a run-away-from-home type vacation with Nova 2 recently, so I had a free hotel room, with no family members around, for the first time since quarantine began. YES, I had so much fun exploring Nova 2. And watching porn, lots of porn, with no family obligations, cleaning, etc. Would recommend! This rabbit is a dream to manipulate, to feel its clit arm rumbling, as I lie back and enjoy; or curling, when I want Nova 2’s soft head to massage my G-spot, and I start moving the handle.

We-Vibe Nova 2 clit arm closeup
The outside edge of Nova 2’s flat external arm is the part that keeps contact with the clit.

Nova 2 was definitely the right way to learn to appreciate rabbit vibrators. These toys have always been weird for me, since my pelvic floor is spaced tightly. I come easily from vaginal play, but if want more, two-for-one, then with most bunnies I’m SOL. Their clit stimulators rest an inch farther forward than I need! But the Nova 2’s clit arm flexes so much, it really does bend way far in, like I want. It also bends outward, if you’re spaced farther apart: it’s 3.5 inches from the shaft to the end of the clit stimulator easily, 4 inches with a little push. Keep in mind that the “average” clit to vagina distance is approximately 2 inches.

Before, trying rabbits, my thoughts generally have run along the lines of: “WTF? These work for people?!” With the We-Vibe Nova 2, I just had to bend the firm core of the shaft slightly, see how much G-spot curve I wanted; and then I was good to go, getting the 100% new 💡 experience of having a rabbit vibe actually stay in contact with my clit when I’m wiggling the shaft.

Because I do love wiggling Nova 2’s insertable shaft, in and out, a light stroking motion. It’s awesome, with how soft Nova 2’s head is. So accommodating, if you enjoy a more natural feel from penetrative toys. Since I talk so much about silicone firmness, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from readers who describe wanting that softer feel, too. It’s really a happy new trend in silicone sex toys, one I’m pleased We-Vibe has caught on to.

Pair this motor with extra-adjustability and soft silicone—I mean, really, I couldn’t think of a way to improve Nova 2. Except that sometimes I personally would prefer it thicker: the toy’s shaft is a tad slim, at just over 1.3 inches wide in the bulb. It’s made to please “most” users.

But again, the vibrations. They hum to life, with a deep rumble on Nova 2’s first steady speed. Then they go up, and up. Really resonating throughout the toy, and my skin that Nova is touching—and traveling deeper, too.

On top power, Nova 2’s shaft is strongest, but the clitoral stimulator is no joke. It maxes out at what I’d call an 8/10 for power (where 10 = Magic-Wand level), on par with the We-Vibe Rave and slightly weaker than the Pillow Talk Sassy by BMS—strong G-spot vibrators, without “rabbit” arms.

So We-Vibe Nova 2’s quality definitely merits the luxury price tag ($149 typically, now on intro offer for $99). Like the Womanizer Duo—my absolute favorite dual stimulator (if I had to save one amidst a fire 🔥)—it’s so well-designed. The new Nova 2 especially, with how its handle is slightly flatter and fully silicone-coated. It just feels good in your hand.

And the battery life is good too! Like, I only had to charge this thing one time during my 5-day trip, and I used it almost an hour multiple times, while discovering lesbian art porn.3 With the Nova 2’s adjustability, softness, and easy grip, I imagine it being comfortable if a partner was using it on me.4

I’m a steady-vibes fan, I find it easier to orgasm if the vibrations are consistent rather than pulsing, jumping around everywhere, or even escalating. So I stick to Nova 2’s first function, out of 10 total. That’s the non-patterned one. All 10 functions have 10 intensity levels, a nice amount of range. Really, you’re getting 10 steady vibration speeds, along with 9 adjustable-intensity patterns. It’s a lot of choose from, if you do enjoy exploring different vibe feels.

Long-Distance Control / We-Connect App

Nova 2 works with the We-Connect app, free for iOS or Android. Download it, open it, then get your Nova out and ready.

To sync, you’ve gotta hold down the “toggle” button—the single button closest to the clit arm—for 5 to 10 seconds. That’s important, because otherwise We-Connect won’t pick up my We-Vibe toys’ Bluetooth signals Nova 2 will buzz twice, sync up, then you’ll go through the instructions on how to use it. This latest iteration of the We-Connect app is smooth-looking, very purple, and pretty easy to figure out. The drop-down menu in the upper lefthand corner lets you access long-distance control (“Connect your partner”) or see all the local options (“Current session,” then hit the wavy squiggles in the bottom right hand corner. There, you can choose between the 10 functions and increase/decrease strength in both Nova 2’s dual motors for each function. There’s also a Touch mode, where you wave your finger wildly to make the vibe increase in power. And finally, a Beat mode that syncs Nova 2 to music playing either around you, or through your music library.

4 snips from the We-Connect app: 1. What pattern control looks like (slide your finger up & down); 2. Preset vibration patterns to select from; 3. New touch mode, where you gotta swipe like crazy; 4. Music syncing, really fun!

I played around with Beat mode the most, because it’s something you can’t do with Nova’s built-in control buttons. That function makes the vibrator pulse in time to / increase its strength along with music. I wish a vibrator app would incorporate YouTube music, because that’s what I listen to all the time—maybe one day my vibe dream will come true. But right now you cannot play music through any other phone app, and have it sync with We-Connect: the songs have to be downloaded in your music library. So alas, I had to download a few songs and then go with an iTunes trial. I will say that Cardi B’s “WAP” sounds even more bad-ass (the background really comes through) when you’re feeling the vibrations from it.

In the end, having full control and steady power is most orgasmic to me, so I went back to jiggle-thrusting Nova 2 on intensity #5 of 10 while falling back into YouTube because I suddenly wanted to hear “Taki Taki” but couldn’t get the song to work thru We-Connect after downloading it. Hmm. During this process of song-perusing, I needed to resync Nova a couple times by holding down that motor-toggle button for a while. You might also try uninstalling and totally reinstalling the app if it completely freezes on you.

I’ve tried the long-distance control option multiple times in the past with a partner, and the chat there is a great lead-in to play. (You can also send pictures through chat once you invite your partner to connect.) If you, like me, enjoy being made to hold off from orgasming, and then told to come really hard, the control factor is super-sexy. The video function, like Skype built into the vibe app, is sweet in general but can cause glitches—it just depends on your and your partner’s phones. If you have older devices in particular (my phone is 2 years old now, so I’ve gotta replace it soon), you’re more likely to experience more connection problems.

Care, Cleaning, & Functions

As it should be, Nova 2 is USB magnetic rechargeable and waterproof submersible. Just clip the magnetic cable on, it’ll hold well once the magnets line up. We-Vibe is going with more universal charging cables lately (phew), so Nova 2’s charger works with most We-Vibe toys: the We-Vibe Melt, Wand, Chorus, Moxie, Vector, Sync, Verge, original Nova, Ditto, Jive, and Match. Tango and Touch, and Rave, require other chargers.

Use Nova 2 in the shower, bathtub (if you’ve got slick lube!), or wherever; and the smooth silicone cleans up easily. Nova 2’s soft silicone does have a slight raised seam right down the center, showing the silicone was injection-molded into a 2-part mold, the norm for vibrators. Even as someone who’s sensitive to textures, I can’t feel the seams in use.

Nova 2 comes in a nice box, with a storage pouch, instructions, and of course the charging cord. It’s a premium We-Vibe product, after all, and carries a 2-year warranty. Vibrators do sometimes fail, that’s life, so the warranty is like a free insurance plan.

The new We-Vibe Nova has lots o’ buttons, even more than the original. It took me about two sessions to get used to them, then some research to figure out I had to hold down the toggle button in order to actually connect to the We-Connect app. See ’em all:

We-Vibe Nova 2 control buttons how to operate

How to Control the We-Vibe Nova 2:

  • 1A: Press to turn on. Press again to increase vibration strength, in any vibe function.
  • 1B: Press to decrease strength. Go all the way to low power, then press again to turn Nova 2 off.
  • 1A + 1B: Hold down simultaneously to turn the travel lock on / off.
  • 2: The right and left arrows both change the function. Nova 2 starts out with steady vibration, and after that, there are 9 preset patterns you can shift through.
  • 3, the toggle button! It turns the two motors on/off: you can have the clit arm going alone, the shaft going alone, or both going at once (the only way for me!). OR, press and hold down for 5 to 10 seconds to put Nova 2 into “pairing mode” for the We-Connect app. It should buzz twice, then sync to the app you have open on your phone.

Nova 2 Final Thoughts

The original We-Vibe Nova’s flexibility stood out, but the Nova 2 is even better. Softer silicone outside, so I’m more comfortable; tons of rumbly power, with 10 steady speeds; and the curling clit arm, bending and moving as I push Nova 2 against my G-spot.

Is there a better rabbit vibrator? Only if you’re wanting a clit “suction” pulsation rabbit, in which case the Womanizer Duo is the bomb—so stimulating.

Find the new We-Vibe Nova 2 here (US).









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