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Lelo Indulge Me Pleasure Kit

The Indulge Me Pleasure Set is a truly luxurious, classy set for any couple, or it can be given as a gift to a couple or to your partner. The matching amethyst products are absolutely high quality. This set is the most luxurious, romantic night in a box. Everything for a thrilling experience is included.


Noa's penetrative vibrations, comfortable blindfold, high quality tickler.


Vibrations muffle with pressure, only one steady vibration setting, could be more powerful.

Best use:

The Indulge Me Pleasure Set is a beautiful kit with matching amethyst products. It comes with the Noa couple's vibrator, a satin purple blindfold, and the purple Tanta Feather Teaser. Also included is an 11 3/4" long USB cord that plugs into your computer to charge, a satin storage pouch that is capable of holding all included products, a Lelo registration card (not a gift card), and a mini instruction manual. This makes a perfect gift set for your significant other or a couple.

Noa is designed to be used during intercourse with the longer end pressing against the g-spot, or for hands-free solo play by inserting the longer end and letting the shorter end rest against the clitoris for dual stimulation.

While this may not properly line up with every anatomy, Noa is suitable for women who like extra g-spot and clitoral stimulation during intercourse, and the vibrations can also be felt by the male.
  • Material / Texture:

    Noa is made of scentless, sensually soft & smooth silicone, with the only other external material being the ABS plastic silver coated ring where the toy twists apart (to charge the clitoral end).

    The feather tickler is made of approximately 20 faux purple-dyed feathers. The feathers in the tickler consist of regular feathers and softer, fluffy feathers -- like the ones in feather boas -- to create a combination of light and tickling sensations. The handle is made of at least a stainless steel finish, if not completely stainless steel and plastic.

    The blindfold is labeled 100% silk and is reversible, with one side being solid amethyst and the other having a subtle floral design.

    Feather / Silicone / Silk
    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The blindfold is the same one that's sold as the Intima Silk Blindfold. It's double lined at the eyes for comfort and totally blocking of all light.The actual blindfold width is 1 3/4", wide enough to cover the eyes and part of the nose. It wraps around the head with elastic in the back so that it'll fit a larger head. The head measures 22 1/4" unstretched, and stretched it will fit a 25" head. Ties (23" long) are on either side of the back for tying to fit a smaller head.

    Feather Tickler
    The feather tickler is the same one that's sold alone on Eden called the Tantra Feather Teaser, which measures a total of 7 1/2" long, with a 2 1/2" long and 1 1/2" wide handle.

    The clitoral part of Noa twists off & on from the internal shaft in order to charge the clitoral stimulator.

    The clitoral stimulator is 1 1/2" wide, enough to cover the entire clitoris and part of the labia. The very tip measures a bit over a half inch wide for pin-point stimulation.

    Noa, from tip to tip: 6" long. It's insertable up to 2 3/4" of an inch. The insertable portion is 3/4 of an inch wide, tapering down at the curve to a quarter of an inch wide.

    Its incredibly flexible design allows Noa to be bent straight, up to 180 degrees.

    0.2 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    Noa does not come with an adapter, but a USB charger instead. Charge Noa before using. In order to do so, it twists off at the silver ring; the cord is plugged into a computer and the port into the clitoral end of Noa. Noa took about 3 hours to fully charge. A purple backlight will blink when it's charging, and will stop blinking and be a steady light when it's fully charged. When Noa begins to die, you'll be warned by a blinking light on the toy.

    A downside to Noa is the charge doesn't last as long as other toys like Vitality or Matryoshka. You have about 30 minutes of use before you notice the change in power, and less than an hour (40-50 minutes) before it completely dies.

    Noa has a single button interface -- located below where the toy twists apart, noticeable with a raised wi-fi looking symbol -- which will be used to turn the toy on/off and to cycle through speeds. Noa has one motor, and it's located in the clitoral portion, so the vibrations aren't felt intensely in the vagina.

    To turn on, press the button twice. Continue pressing to cycle through vibration modes. To turn off, press and hold for 5 seconds. Noa is not lockable, but the button isn't easily pressed by accident.

    Another downside to Noa is that the vibrations are affected when you apply pressure to the clitoral portion. Doing so makes the vibrations muffled. The toy also tends to get warm after a few minutes of use.

    1. Noa's first setting is a steady vibration, and is incredibly deep and strong compared to most. It's about a 4.

    2. The second setting is a pulsating vibration, which is a very deep, rumbly, penetrative vibration. I rate it a 4.

    3. A faster pulse, a 3-4 vibration.

    4. Escalating. It starts off at a low vibration and increases to a stronger one. It's not as powerful as the first 3 settings.

    5. Longer escalating. Starts off even weaker, but increases to a stronger vibration than the 4th setting.

    6. Also escalating, but even weaker than the last. It starts off very weak and increases, and at the end suddenly peaks to about a 4 level of vibration for a moment.

    Noa is waterproof and nearly silent. It's the quietest toy I own, even quieter than Vitality and Matryoshka. It can be used in dorms, cannot be heard outside a door, and can't be heard by someone in the same room as long as air or the TV is on.

    Kit includes:
    Noa couples' massager, Intima silk blindfold, Tantra feather teaser, gift card, satin storage pouch.
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Caring for the products in this kit is important. For the feather tickler, you'll want to keep the feathers protected against things like dust accumulation, dampness, and force. To prolong the life of the feathers, it's best to store it some place where it won't be squished in order to prevent breaking and bending of the feathers. It came with a piece of plastic slipped around the feathers, so you could slide that back on.

    Do not wet the feathers. The handle can be wiped down with a cloth or wipe, but avoid cleaning the feathers. The included pouch will hold the entire contents of the box, including the ticker, although the longer feathers stick out the end. Store in the box included for storage and your feather tickler will be kept safe.

    To clean and care for the blindfold, it should be dry-cleaned only, or avoid getting it dirty. Store it in the storage box.

    To clean Noa, avoid using alcohol, petrol, or acetone, and only clean with warm water and soap; pat dry with a lint-free towel. Only use water-based lubricant with Noa. Do not expose Noa to extreme heat/sunlight.

  • Packaging:

    The Indulge Me Pleasure Set comes packaged in a totally discreet, classy, gift-worthy box. The box has a matte black slip-cover with a hazy purple, smoky silhouette of a woman's & man's faces touching. There is no nudity or revealing images or text on the package. You can remove the slip cover and keep the storage box instead, or for gifting either removing or leaving the slip cover is up to you.

    The actual storage box is black and says nothing but Lelo in silver text on the front. It's magnetized to stay shut, and inside are compartments holding all the contents. You can store everything back in the box, or store the USB and toy inside the storage pouch and in a purse.

  • Experience:

    Noa's internal shaft did the unexpected for me. Upon first inserting, the flat, slightly raised end found my g-spot instantly, and the clitoral portion rested against my clitoris and labia. I was surprised at how well it lined up with my anatomy, but the ultra flexibility makes this possible. The first thing I noticed when I inserted Noa was that even my cooter could feel how smooth and supple the silicone was. This is the type of silicone people refer to as buttery soft.

    Noa stays in place well for use during intercourse, but is also a grand toy for hands-free solo play. I can insert Noa and do as I please, while occasionally flexing my kegel muscles to bring the clitoral portion to press onto my clitoris.

    Noa works for almost every position. We're able to use it during "doggy-style", missionary, and with me on top.

    During solo play, I like to use my hand to rock the clitoral portion, adding pressure to my clitoris and causing more stimulation to my g-spot.

    During intercourse, this surprises you and your g-spot! My partner's penis is slightly curved, so it already grazes my g-spot, but combined with Noa I feel some serious stimulation there, and when Noa is on the first, steady setting, he's able to feel the vibrations too. A huge plus for me is the vibrations do not numb me, so I'm able to use Noa and also have oral without my clitoris being numb.

    The feather tickler almost tickles me to sleep! It's a relaxing sensation and feels fantastic. Add the blindfold, and you can surprise your partner with lovely feather licks anywhere your heart desires. It's a fabulous way to relax your partner as you're getting into the mood, and makes foreplay even more fun.

    When I first opened the box, Noa was sitting there with white stuff all over it. It resembled ashes or something. Strange, but I do recommend washing before using.




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